Our Executive Director, Jessica Star Rockers, is available to meet regularly in person, over the phone or via video chat as a spiritual companion for people affected by addiction.  The focus of this work is living out the fourth principle of Unitarian Universalism using the model of Integrative Transformative Practice. This model supports health in four areas of life: body, mind, heart and spirit.


Jessica leads in person and online small group ministry for Unitarian Universalist congregations interested in this work. Using the seven principles alongside the model of Integrative Transformative Practice, she introduces spiritual practices and facilitates group discussion for those dealing with addiction who seek meaning and a relationship with the sacred.


Jessica is available to speak to congregations about her work developing 4th principle, what it means to "believe what we must", and her own journey of getting and staying sober as a Unitarian Universalist.  Our board members are also available to preach on creating this unique nonprofit and what inspires their work with 4th principle.